The failures of the first 100 days

Obama has failed in these areas:


Fiscal Responsibility – federal spending has skyrocketed and deficits are record highs –


Stimulating the Economy – Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress has passed the stimulus bill that has not done any stimulating at all. Stock market losses since Jan 20 –


Job Creation – current unemployment 8.5% as of mar 09. Obama’s chief economic advisor, Larry Summers, says economy and employment will decline for some time –  WHERE”S THE STIMULUS?


Integrity – Obama has no integrity and lacks courage to stand up to Congressional pressure. He signed the omnibus spending bill laden with pork barrel spending. This is after his campaign platform promised line by line review of bills to stop pork barrel spending.


Ethics  Obama waivered his own ethics rule of “no lobbyists in MY administration” to appoint numerous current and former lobbyists in his cabinet –


Foreign Affairs – Obama did not show or carried himself as the PRESIDENT OF THE USA during his first overseas tour as POTUS. Instead he apologized and kowtowed to tyrants and dictators. He even received a book from Hugo Chaves aptly dubbed “THE IDIOTS BIBLE” –  Obama’s foreign affairs policy is a disaster –  

Future planning – his cap and trade initiatives will sure put the American businesses and the American workers at a huge disadvantage. Plus this is a hidden tax on all Americans


Watch this video –


2 Responses to The failures of the first 100 days

  1. Why do I have the feeling that you are holding back..?

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