President Obama does not want black people to succeed

First, President Obama is trying to kill a bill that will help black farmers and he himself sponsored as a Senator.

Now, he signed a bill killing a successful program that helped Washington DC  inner city kids, mostly black, in getting better education. The program is the Washington DC educational voucher program that gave poor parents vouchers so they can enroll their kids in the school of their choice. Most of these kids were enrolled in private schools that provide better educational programs than the Washington DC school system. The bill to kill the DC voucher program was included in the $410 billion full of pork bill.

The annuat cost of this program is $18 million annually. In my previous post, Obama signed an executive order making $20.3 million of our tax money to go to Hamas controlled Gaza strip. Yet, he is not willing to spend $18 million to help poor kids get a better chance in life.

Why, Mr. President, why?


2 Responses to President Obama does not want black people to succeed

  1. Some Guy says:

    Let me guess you were all for the Fox News report that said Obama kills 14 black teenagers. Oh that’s right, they were those pirates from Somalia holding the American captain captive and were ready to kill him. You like Fox News huh?

    • pjnoel says:

      One question, Some Guy. Is it true or not that Obama signed the bill killing this voucher program that helps mostly poor black kids?

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