Obama must think that American people are stupid (at least his supporters)…

I really think Obama believes that he can get away with anything because the American people are stupid, dumb, have a short attention span, or simply just do not care. As long as they get freebees from the government, all is good.  

Why do I think that? 

I agree that Obama is eloquent and have a very cunning way of delivering his message, sort of mass hypnotizing his audience. But I am immune to it because I just do not listen to him speak. I already know that he is just another corrupt politician. 

Back to the point… 

He thinks or believes that by just changing the name of something people would automatically think it is a totally different thing and would fall in line of support that was previously unacceptable. 

Take the “tax cut for 95% of Americans.” Most of us know by now that it is only an illusion.

Next is the “Global War On Terror”, that has been change to “Overseas Contingency Operations.” One of his campaign promises was to end the war in Iraq and send the troops home ASAP. Well, when he got in office, he found out that it is not as simple as that. So to appease his anti-war group of supporters, he changed the name. No more global was on terror, ya’ll, just an overseas contingency operation. Presto! The loud and obnoxious voices of the critics of war on terror since its beginning are suddenly silent. 

The latest is the “CAP and TRADE” tax that is in the heart of the global warning… oops… climate change… policy agenda that is making its way around Congress. It is clear now that the majority of American people are not supportive of a policy that raises taxes on all Americans disguised as a global warming curving policy. As a matter of fact, only 30% of Americans support the cap and trade crap. Now, he is consulting pollsters to see what would be an acceptable “CHANGE” of name so stupid Americans would think it is a totally different monster. One of the circulating suggestion is “CLEAN ENERGY DIVIDE”.

What would you call someone who is trying to find ways to hoodwink you again just like the non stimulus bill and the porkulus spending bill?

If you fall for this again, Obama must be on to something….


4 Responses to Obama must think that American people are stupid (at least his supporters)…

  1. bernie1936 says:

    Well said, right on my friend!

  2. thank you pjnoel for you comment

    i must disagree with you on one point: I don’t think obama thinks people are stupid, i think it is we who have played magnificently into his hands.

    The democraps have always been a party driven by the fears of everyday americans; from their exploitation of the crash of 29′ all the way through to the hiccups of today.

    Like hitler who was trained to speak, and even stand a certain way to affect a crowd B. Insane Nobama and the LibTards have brainwashed the american people with proganda such as yes..we can used over and over again until some poor sap actually begins to believe it..

    • pjnoel says:

      Thanks for commneting on my blog, Massey Nathanael.

      I am not one of those people who was enamored by Obama’s charm. I could see through his rhetoric of change and false hope. However, there are a lot of people who do not bother to inform themselves and just follow along. Those are the people I am refering to as stupid.

      But collectively as a society we are stupid, indeed.

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