June 29, 2009

I am tired of hearing the liberal and the Democrats including our president lying about the health care of the greatest nation on God’s green earth!


Therefore, I painstakingly did some research to find out if there is any shed of truth to what they proclaim.


The liberals and Democrats including the president keep saying that our health care need reforming because we have the worst among the industrialized and developed countries.


How is best and the worst measured?


Many say it is the life expectancy rate. I say crap that! Macau and Andorra are ranked 1 and 2 in that category.


Do you really think those two countries have better health care than the USA?


Many say it is the mortality rate. What is mortality rate?


Mortality rate is a measure of the number of deaths (in general, or due to a specific cause) in some population, scaled to the size of that population, per unit time. (from wikipedia)


Therefore, mortality rate is the number of deaths due to a specific cause such as diseases.


What does health care system do? Take care of people who are sick so they do not die.


Do you agree with me that the less people die of diseases the better the health care system of that particular country?


We are getting somewhere here.


I went to the WHO website and retrieved the latest data available (in this case it is 2002 data) on number of deaths by diseases per country.


I filtered through all the data and isolated the G 8 countries only because these are the countries that are leaders of the industrialized and developed countries. I added SWEDEN and DENMARK because these countries have single payer system. In addition, USA’s health care is always compared to UK, FRANCE, and CANADA most of the time. I also selected RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, and GERMANY because they are also in the G 8.


DENMARK, SWEDEN, and CANADA are the countries that have single payer health care system. UK, FRANCE, RUSSIA, GERMANY, JAPAN, and CHINA have some form of SOCIALIZED health care system.


The links below is where I found the data that I am presenting to you. You can check for yourself just in case you doubt my integrity.


I present the data in manner of MOST NUMBER OF DEATHS at the TOP and by the thousands (multiply the numbers by 1000).


G-8 Death Numbers Dec 2004 from WHO Statistics

Population = x1000


All Causes

Russia = 1669.7

Denmark = 1073.0

Sweden = 1027.2

UK      = 1014.7

Germany = 989.4

France = 833.8

USA = 831.7

Japan = 763.4

Canada = 711.1

China = 701.5


Breaking Down per Disease Classification


Communicable, maternal, prenatal and nutritional conditions related deaths

UK = 123.3

Japan = 90.9

China = 83.7

 Russia = 69.9

France = 52.9

Sweden = 51.2

USA = 50.9

Denmark = 44.3

Germany = 42.5

Canada = 33.7


Non-communicable diseases related deaths

Russia = 1355.3

Denmark = 967.4

Sweden = 929.4

Germany = 907.7

UK = 858.4

USA = 728.3

France = 712.2

Canada = 636.4

Japan = 614.7

China = 541.4


Cancer is part of non-communicable disease group.


Total death related to cancer.

Denmark = 294.0

Sweden = 237.0

Germany = 264.2

UK = 256.1

Japan = 241.7

France = 238.3

Russia = 211.5

Canada = 208.1

USA = 191.9

China = 133.5


Breast Cancer related deaths (I am breaking it down coz people argue about it).

Denmark = 28.0

UK = 25.4

Germany = 23.9

France = 20.9

Sweden = 18.5

Canada = 17.6

Russia = 16.5

USA = 15.6

Japan = 7.9

China = 4.3


Ovarian Cancer related deaths

Denmark = 7.9

UK = 7.5

Germany = 7.3

Sweden = 7.0

Russia = 5.6

France = 5.3

USA = 4.8

Canada = 4.6

Japan = 3.3

China = 1.0


Prostate cancer related deaths

Sweden = 30.9

Denmark = 23.2

UK = 18.6

France = 16.6

Germany = 15.2

Canada = 13.9

USA = 12.1

Japan = 6.5

Russia = 5.7

China = 0.4


Let us put in words what these numbers are telling us:


  • Germany, UK, France, and Canada have more disease related deaths than the USA
  • UK and France have more Communicable, maternal, prenatal and nutritional conditions related deaths than the USA
  • Germany, UK, France, and Canada have more cancer related deaths than the USA
  • UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Russia all have higher breast cancer related deaths than the USA
  • UK, Germany, and France have more ovarian cancer related deaths than the USA
  • UK, France, Germany, and Canada have more prostate related deaths than the USA


Why did I choose these diseases?


All these diseases require extensive tests and lab work ups, expensive major surgeries, long term hospital and outpatient care after surgery, and expensive medicines. These diseases also have a chance of recurrence requiring repeating the expensive medical processes mentioned before.


Chronic and long term care diseases are what drive the cost of medical care. Treating a cold or flu is cheaper than treating cancer.


The only way to save money is to deny people afflicted with cancer the needed but expensive tests and treatments.


Many proponents of single payer and government funded health care always say that the USA health care system is inferior to these countries.


Why do UK, France, Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Germany have more cancer deaths than USA?






Obama Thinks Americans are Stupid PART 3 (now with health care).

June 24, 2009

President Obama will be speaking to the stupid American people concerning the health care reform he is proposing. 


 There is nothing wrong with the health care in America. In my opinion, it is the best health care money can buy in this great green earth. I don’t know about you but I like my health care insurance and the choices that I have in that system.

 Obama and the Democrats are trying to hoodwink you in believing that their proposal of public option (government run health insurance) will enable you and I to keep our employer funded health insurance. That is a total lie. Once the government run health insurance is up and running, the government can set the price so low that companies would abolish their health insurance benefits and DUMP their employees into the lap of government run health insurance.

 It may be cheaper but is it better?

 Many countries that have government controlled health care are experiencing longer lines and more denials of treatments and needed medication. Why? The decision making concerning your health is no longer just a decision by you or your doctor but a bureaucrat somewhere will be the ultimate decider on what treatment you should get or not. Is that what you want?

 Here is an excerpt from a study done in 2007 by Dr. David Hogberg of the National Policy Research. This research is warning nations about the SINGLE PAYER HEALTH SYSTEM of Sweden that Obama is trying to sell to stupid Americans:

 Patients in Sweden pay user fees (similar to co-payments in the United States) that are set by county councils.  The fee for seeing a primary care physician varies from 11 to 17 kronas (the Swedish unit of currency; $1 U.S. equals about 6.90 kronas), while the fee for seeing a specialist ranges from 22 to 33 kronas.  While county councils have discretion in setting user fees, the national government limits the amount of total user fees paid per patient at 100 kronas annually for physician and specialist visits.  The maximum user fee for hospital care is nine kronas per day. 

(That means Swedes have a limit of less than 10 doctor visits per year. And the graph below shows the cost of health care in Sweden with single payer system is trending up)


 (The Swedish government instituted some reform on the system but still unable to control cost and waiting line became longer)

Unfortunately, waiting lists began to increase in 1994 and in late 1996 the Patient Choice and Guarantee was abandoned.15  By the early part of this decade, most counties once again faced a problem with waiting lists.16

Worse still, costs have clearly been on the rise again, as demonstrated in Figure 1.  Part of the recurrence of these problems stems from the purchaser-provider split, or lack of one.  First, a majority of county councils did not implement a provider-purchaser split based on a per-case payment basis or did so only partially.17  Thus, there was not sufficient pressure on providers to attract patients for fear of losing funding.  Second, the split was weak to begin with.  As one study of the split policy noted, the contracts between purchasers and providers often amounted to little more than “letters of intent,” and the “escape route back to traditional planning and management was always open to the central county-council administration.”18 

Görann Persson had to wait eight months during 2003 and 2004 for a hip replacement operation.  Persson was not considered to be a very pleasant person to begin with, and he became even grumpier due to the pain he endured while waiting for his operation.  As a result, Persson walked with a limp, reportedly used strong pain medication and had to reduce his workload.20

(Would you want to wait, suffer while you wait, and your quality of life ruined while you wait? Here a graph representing the percentage of Swedes who received treatment within 3 months and the treatment needed)


(Older people tend to be more susceptible to knee and hip replacement and hearing aid fitting, less than 50% of those needing those treatment received treatment within 3 months. Can you see your elderly relatives or yourself suffering while waiting?)

 Here is the conclusion:

 While Sweden is a first world country, its health care system – at least in regards to access – is closer to the third world.  Because the health care system is heavily-funded and operated by the government, the system is plagued with waiting lists for surgery.  Those waiting lists increase patients’ anxiety, pain and risk of death.

Sweden‘s health care system offers two lessons for the policymakers of the United States.  The first is that a single-payer system is not the answer to the problems faced as Americans.  Sweden‘s system does not hold down costs and results in rationing of care.  The second lesson is that market-oriented reforms must permit the market to work.  Specifically, government should not protect health care providers that fail to provide patients with a quality service from going out of business.

When the United States chooses to reform its health care system, reform should lead to improvement.  Reforming along the lines of Sweden would only make our system worse.

 Why is it that the government health insurance option is the best according to Obama? It is simple. The government is the only entity that can mandate rationing and price control. The US health care system is still a free enterprise institution. In order for the government to take control of that institution, the government must be the major provider. If not, it is unconstitutional for the government to mandate what private insurers can decide on what treatment you should or should not receive.

 Another thing about this reform is the COST. The CBO estimated the cost to be over $1 TRILLION dollars in 10 years. Add the $634 billion that Obama set aside as a down payment. We are already $1.6 TRILLION in the whole before we get started. The same CBO estimated the savings to be $335 billion in the same time frame. Let me see:


Health care reform expense = 1,634,000,000,000

                    minus Savings =     335,000,000,000


That is $1.3 TRILLION added to the deficit.

 Here is the kicker:


Only 16 million of the claimed 46 million will be insured by Obama’s plan.

 So, Obama and the Democrats are scrambling to hide the cost of their health care reform plan. If you fall for this again, you are indeed stupid.


 Rep. Dingell (D-MI) said it. The cap and trade is a huge tax increase on ALL AMERICANS. 

Warren Buffett says cap and trade is a regressive tax on ALL AMERICANS.

 The CBO estimate that a 15% cut in carbon emission every American will see a 3.3% cut in take home pay. Besides lower take home pay, the unemployment will rise.

 Why will the unemployment rise?

 All companies, big or small, rely on electricity to power their machines and tools to make their products and services. If companies have to pay higher electricity bill because of the cap and trade legislation, companies will be forced to reduce the machines that they are using and also the people that are employed to use those machines. Fewer machines fewer people needed. Companies will be forced to move their manufacturing operations to other countries that do not have cap and trade like India and China.

 Coal provides half of the electric power in the US. States that get most of their electricity from coal are Ohio (86%), Indiana (94%), Missouri (85%), New Mexico (80%), Pennsylvania (56%), West Virginia (98%), and Wyoming (95%) (from WSJ article). Can you imagine what will happen to the communities in those states once companies have to layoff workers?

 Here is the last paragraph of the WSJ article:

“Cap and trade, in other words, is a scheme to redistribute income and wealth — but in a very curious way. It takes from the working class and gives to the affluent; takes from Miami, Ohio, and gives to Miami, Florida; and takes from an industrial America that is already struggling and gives to rich Silicon Valley and Wall Street “green tech” investors who know how to leverage the political class.”

 Basically, the cap and trade tax is a windfall for the government but disaster for the American workers and companies.

 What is the long term goal of the cap and trade? The goal is to reduce the country’s carbon imprint by 80% by year 2050. Is that possible?

Right now each American has 20 tons per year carbon imprint. By 2050, Obama wants that reduced to 2 tons per year. When was the last time an American had a 2 ton a year carbon imprint? There was never a time because there was no USA yet when the carbon imprint of 2 ton a year per human being. By the way, USA population grows every year, too!

 Americans account for 304 million of the 6.2 billion people on this earth, how about the carbon imprint of those 5.9 billion people whose carbon usage are not tapped? Won’t the untapped carbon usage of the 5.9 billion over shadow the carbon imprint of 304 million?

 In other words, even if we cap American carbon imprint, majority of the world’s carbon usage will overwhelmingly negate what we “conserve”. As a whole, the world will not see any conservation at all.

 Again, this sounds just like the “illusion” of savings of Obama’s and Democrats are pitching on the health care reform just like the “95% of Americans will receive tax cuts”.

 If you fall for this again, YOU ARE REALLY BEYOND STUPID!

Who is GERALD WALPIN? (corruption in the 1st degree??)

June 16, 2009

The Story

 Gerald Walpin is one of the many Inspector Generals in the US government that ensure fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption in the government are investigated and eliminated. Mr. Walpin was appointed by President Bush to be the Inspector General of the AmeriCorps. It is the same federally funded AmeriCorps that saw an increase in funding from the Obama administration.

IG Walpin completed an investigation into allegations that AmeriCorps funds were being misused by the Mayor of Sacramento, CA, Kevin Johnson, a former NBA star and a huge supporter of Obama. IG Walpin has discovered that Mayor Johnson indeed misused AmeriCorps funds for personal use. He was put on suspension and his office was prevented from receiving anymore federal money. At the same time, IG Walpin finished a report that AmeriCorps money was being extensively misused by the City University of New York, which is the biggest program in AmeriCorps.

On the night of June 10, 2009, while driving to an even in upstate NY, IG Walpin received a phone call from Norman Eisen, the Special Counsel to the President on Ethics and Government Reform. Eisen informed Walpin that he should resign or he will be terminated. According to Walpin as reported by the Examiner Eisen said this words, ‘Mr. Walpin, the president wants me to tell you that he really appreciates your service, but it’s time to move on,'” Walpin recalls. “Eisen said, ‘You can either resign, or I’ll tell you that we’ll have to terminate you.”  Walpin told Eisen that it is odd that he is being asked to resign in light his investigation of corruption in AmeriCorps and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. Eisen said it was just a coincidence. Walpin did not resign so he was fired.

The Law

 2008 Inspectors General Reform Act was passed to enhance the Office of the Inspector General and prevent the political apparatus of the government to influence the Inspector Generals. The law protected the IG from being fired without cause and Congress must be informed in 30 days in writing. Here is the excerpt from the legislation:

 Section 3 – Requires the President, the heads of designated federal entities, the Librarian of Congress, the Capitol Police Board, and the Public Printer to communicate to Congress in writing the reasons for removing or transferring an IG no later than 30 days before such removal or transfer.

It appears that the President Obama is in violation of this law.

To top that off HE CO-SPONSORED THE LAW!! And he had his counsel for ETHICS AND GOVT. REFORM TO MAKE THE CALL!!

It appears that anyone who investigates the corruption in the current administration is subject to retaliation.

Did Obama try to muscle out IG Walpin so he can circumvent the law that he co-sponsored?

Do you think it is odd that Obama counsel indicated that the decision was coming from the President himslef? Was the counsel trying to cover his own ass?

Is this the CHANGE Obama supporters voted for?


Read the reports from The Examiner here:

Read the IG Reform Act of 2008 here:

“Reason To Believe” by Obama supporters

June 12, 2009

If you are an Obama supproter and are tired of Obama’s broken campaign promises yet still hoping for change, here is your theme song…

If I listened long enough to you

Id find a way to believe that its all true

Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried

Still I look to find a reason to believe

Someone like you makes it hard to live without

 Somebody else

Someone like you makes it easy to give

Never think about myself

If I gave you time to change my mind

Id find a way just to leave the past behind

Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried

Still I look to find a reason to believe

If I listened long enough to you

Id find a way to believe that its all true

Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried

Still I look to find a reason to believe

Someone like you makes it hard to live without

Somebody else

Someone like you makes it easy to give

Never think about myself

Obama Thinks Americans are Stupid…Part II

June 11, 2009

I blogged about this already back in May 12, 2009 and now a New York Post article “BAM’S DOUBLE TALK” published June 11, 2009 asked this question:

“How dumb does President Obama think the American people are?”

Read the article here:

Once again, Obama is doing more double talking. This time it is the PAYGO system. Since Obama and Democratic controlled congress has been taking heat from the trillion dollars worth of spending pushing the deficit to record level, they are now trying to ACT LIKE there are taking steps to be fiscally responsible. Isn’t that a bit too late, Mr. President?

Obama said:

 “Paying for what you spend is basic common sense. Perhaps that’s why, here in Washington, it’s been so elusive.”

 Did the “smartest president ever” just figured that out?

Apparently so because if he knew that before he run up 1.8 trillion dollars of deficit this year alone, wasted $787 billion of non-stimulating package, earmarked $635 billion in “health care reform” down payment bill, would he have sign off in doubling the nations debt to 10.6 trillion dollars?

Just like NY Post said:

“One thing politicians prove every day: Talk is cheap. Everything else is expensive.”

Shifting sands of politics…. already?

June 9, 2009


Europeans voted to swing the political sand to the right. It is interesting to note what the political issues that might have cause the almost overnight shift.


“It is not clear why a chunk of the blue-collar working base has swung almost overnight from Left to Right, but clearly we are seeing the delayed detonation of two political time-bombs: rising unemployment and the growth of immigrant enclaves that resist assimilation.”


Does that look familiar?


Unemployment is at 9.4% ….. we have an illegal immigration problem, too!


Take look at what happened in bluest of the blue states, California. We all know by now that California voters pretty much told Conan and the Democrats that control the state legislative body to shove their higher taxes and spending up their ass and indirectly telling Obama to beware.




In New York, another haven of liberalism has just had a coup of sorts. The Republicans has wrestled the control of state congress without an election. Apparently, two democratic state senators had defected to the Republican side.


Is this the beginning of the shift?


Are Americans tired of the out of control spending and policies that could raise taxes on all Americans by Obama and the Democrats?

Memorial Day weekend 2009

June 4, 2009
The top of the cake!

The top of the cake!

It has been over week since Memorial Day weekend 2009. I have been busy with work and my MBA program and did not really have the time to share the great things that happened this past Memorial Day weekend. Work load has let up a bit both at work and at school. Now I can blog and post the pictures of that memorable weekend.

We were in Oklahoma City for the baby shower that my wife’s sisters are throwing for her. Actually, the whole weekend was all about celebration. Friday was a May birthdays celebration. My wife has a lot of family members that have May birthdays. Instead of celebrating a birthday every weekend, it was decided to celebrate all the May birthdays in one weekend and Memorial Weekend was ideal. Saturday, May 24, we were just planning to have a simple get together at Le’s (sister-in-law) house and Sunday was for the baby shower.

Friday was fun lots of food and drinks and birthday cakes. The boys played poker until the wee hours of the morning. The poker game started out tournament style then got really serious when it was turned into a cash game. Chips were short so lots of greens came out of pockets and bill folds.

Saturday, like I said, was just for simple family get together. But there was a surprise that we did not expect at all.

It was about 5pm when things got going. I was a bit puzzled why most of the family was wearing Hawaiian shirts and outfits. There were two rows of tiki lanterns all arranged in the backyard creating a pathway that lead to a gondola decorated with flowers. I even helped with the set up of the tiki lanterns and the gondola. I was thinking what kind of game we about to indulge that evening. The house was buzzing with excitement. Food preparation was almost finished and table being set up for the feast. I was looking forward to the poker game later.

At around 630pm, my wife and I were summoned to the study room. I have no idea what for but I thought the game has begun and we are the first victims. We were blind folded. Someone put a shirt over my shirt and did the same thing to my wife. A crown that felt like a string of flowers was on my head. My wife also had something on her head. Someone was playing the piano, same song over and over again. It was the song that is usually played at wedding, Here Comes the Bride. I thought the piano player sucked with one song repertoire.

Then I felt someone ushering us outside the study room. A female voice said something and I could tell it was Sarah. Our blindfold was taken off and a burst of loud SURPIRSE! Everyone was in front of us. Everyone was wearing as if they were all in Hawaii complete with grass skirts. I still had no clue what was happening. Then we were led into the kitchen and there was the wedding cake. That is when it hit me and realized what was this all about. It was surprised wedding reception for us complete with a wedding cake, a bouquet of roses, and candles. There was a picture of us that was taken during my wife’s MBA graduation dinner in a frame but the picture was printed in black and white. Later on, they all signed and wrote their well wishes on the matte.

My wife was in tears at this time and I was holding mine back with all my might lest get dogged by my brothers-in-law. I could see that my parents-in-law were also in tear as well as my sisters-in-law and a few of my wife’s nieces. It was really a touchy moment, totally unexpected.

Then they marched us to the gondola thru the rows of tiki lanterns that were already lit. Two of my wife’s youngest nieces were the flower girls and they were showering the ground that we would walk on with petals of red roses. Then we were parked under the gondola and the picture taking extravaganza began. Each pre determined group have to take a picture with the newly weds.

My wife and I dreamed of a Hawaiian wedding but due to her pregnancy and economic situation we cancelled. Instead, we got married in front of the Justice of Peace and ate brunch with my parents at Hilton hotel.

The whole event was truly special and very memorable. My wife and I have been trying to find a holiday to make it a traditional family celebration. I think this is it. Memorial Day weekend will be our family tradition to celebrate this surprised Hawaiian wedding and to remember the American heroes.

From the bottom of our hearts (including Leona Bella’s), thank you to everyone who were part of this memorable surpise.

The whole gang!

The whole gang!