Shifting sands of politics…. already?


Europeans voted to swing the political sand to the right. It is interesting to note what the political issues that might have cause the almost overnight shift.


“It is not clear why a chunk of the blue-collar working base has swung almost overnight from Left to Right, but clearly we are seeing the delayed detonation of two political time-bombs: rising unemployment and the growth of immigrant enclaves that resist assimilation.”


Does that look familiar?


Unemployment is at 9.4% ….. we have an illegal immigration problem, too!


Take look at what happened in bluest of the blue states, California. We all know by now that California voters pretty much told Conan and the Democrats that control the state legislative body to shove their higher taxes and spending up their ass and indirectly telling Obama to beware.




In New York, another haven of liberalism has just had a coup of sorts. The Republicans has wrestled the control of state congress without an election. Apparently, two democratic state senators had defected to the Republican side.


Is this the beginning of the shift?


Are Americans tired of the out of control spending and policies that could raise taxes on all Americans by Obama and the Democrats?


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