Are you dumb, America?

What does this new healthcare bill that was just passed through the finance committee have in store for all Americans?

1) a cost of $829 billion for 10 yrs. (what is the cost after 10 yrs?)
2) $200 billion tax increase on insurance premiums. (that means you have to pay taxes on what you pay the insurance company, huh?!!)
3) $120 billion new taxes on medical device makers and other medical service providers (that means your diabetes monitors or insulin syringe will be more rxpensive)
4) all these new taxes will be collected as soon as the bill becomes law
5)  NO BENEFITS or health plans will become available to any American for the first three years.

What this all mean? We will be paying higher taxes, more expensive medical supplies, higher health insurance premiums while we are getting nothing for the first three years of the plan. Huh??

Are you dumb, America?

You are if you are buying into this hogwash that Obama and the Democrats are ramming down our throats!


2 Responses to Are you dumb, America?

  1. pino says:

    1) a cost of $829 billion for 10 yrs. (what is the cost after 10 yrs?)

    Actually the cost isn’t for 10 years but more like 8.5 or even only 7. The taxes start now, the coverage doesn’t begin until later!

    Stupid bill.

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