The $60 billion dollar fraud

We are getting rob to the tune of $60 billion a year courtesy of fraud in government-run Medicare. Currently, there are only 46 million Americans in the Medicare program. Obama and the Democrats are hell bent in having the government run the healthcare system of all Americans. In short, Obama and the Democrats want all Americans under the Medicare-like program. Keep in mind that Medicare is $36 trillion in the red. If government-run Medicare cannot control the fraud nor fiscally manage it with only 46 million American in the program, do you expect it to be better with additional 180 million Americans in it?

The questions that is begging to be asked are:

  • What is Obama doing to stop the fraud, waste, and abuse in the government-run medicare?
  • Why is Obama waiting for a separate legislation to stop the fraud, waste, and abuse?
  • Isn’t he responsible, as President, to execute the current laws? (I am sure there are laws established against fraud, waste, and abuse in government.)

Is it smart to upgrade a house, put new and expensive furnitures and fixtures before fixing the leaking roof?



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