The Democratic CON-trolled CON-gress (Public Option Opt-out)

The Democratic CON-trolled CON-gress (Public Option Opt-out) 

The American people voted in all the government officials with the notion that these officials will be forthright and stand-up individuals. But when the very people we entrusted to look out for our own welfare and the riches of our country are trying to CON us, it is beyond contemp. 

The latest version of the healthcare bill, which passed thru the finance committee without a public option, is now have a public option with an opt-out provision.

What does that mean? 

It means that each state can decide, thru the state legislature, to not partake in the public option federal insurance plan. 

Good or bad? 

Good, if you have no clue of the underlying consequences. BAD, IF YOU ARE because you will realize it is one big CON. 

Why is this new Opt-out public option a CON? 

Reason # 1 

Each state have a choice not to participate. Sounds good. BUT, each state has no option to pay or not to pay. A state that chooses to opt out will be required to pay for the cost of the public option the same as a state that are having the public option. So, the residents of states that opted out will be paying for something but getting nothing. The private insurance premiums will be more expensive because the pool of privately insured will be less. 

SO THOSE AMERICANS IN OPT OUT STATE WILL PAY DOUBLE FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE, thru higher taxes and higher private insurance premiums. 

Reason # 2 

The public option is a fake. It is not a real insurance just like private insurance. How? There will be no risk-pool so cost can be controlled. The federal entity running this public option do not have to balance its books. It will not worry about selling insurance at a loss because AMERICAN TAX MONEY WILL FINANCE THIS MONSTROSITY. And to the Democratic CONtrolled CONgress, the American people are their money cows! 

What will happen then? 

Well, all private health insurers will be undercut and ultimately be driven out of healthcare insurance business. 

And who will be left standing? 

Of course, the public option. When that happens, all Americans will be forced to sign up for the public option. Suddenly, we have a single payer system. And my friend, that is what the ultimate goal of the Democrats and Obama. 

Another scenario is that a liberal in an opt out state will sue because he is paying for nothing and not getting equal treatments as the residents of public option state. A liberal judge will decide that it is unfair and will decree that the opt out state must opt in. 

CONgress! CONgress! CONgress! CONgress! CONgress!



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