Do you like Sweet and Sour Shrimp?

December 22, 2009

According to the last Rasmussen poll, 55% of Americans oppose the healthcare bill that is being considered in the Senate and 41% support it. Yet, the Democrats are chugging along ignoring the will of the American people.

The current healthcare bill in the Senate is giving most Americans a “sour” taste in their mouths. But for a few number of Americans this healthcare bill is satisfying their sweet-tooth craving at the expense of the majority of Americans. The “sour” taste is coming from the increase taxes, lower healthcare quality, pay now get later scheme, long-term price tag, and the payoffs/bribes to get the votes of certain Democratic Senators.

Who are those few Americans who got a “sweet” deal out of this?

  • Sen. Ben Nelson – D and Nebraska, population 1.78 million, will get $100 million plus an exemption from paying for Medicaid cost forever and ever, amen.
  • Sen. Mary Landrieu – D and Louisiana, population 4.41 million, will get $300 million to offset the Medicaid cost
  • Massachusetts, population 6.5million, $1.5 billion in Medicaid money
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders – D and Vermont, population 0.62 million, will get $10 to $14 billion
  • Sen. Chris Dodd – D and Connecticut, population 3.5 million, will get $100 million
  • Big Pharma got a deal from Obama      
    • White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.

 Holy cow! The second least populated state will get BILLIONS!!! That’s $16,129 to $22, 580 per Vermont resident. I am sure the millions of Americans who are unemployed would love to get that kind of money invested in creating jobs instead of paying off politicians for their votes. 

All in all 24 million Americans in those states mentioned above will get the “sweet” taste in their mouths while the remaining 280 million will get the “sour” part. 

What are the parts of this healthcare bill that gives the 280 million Americans a “sour” taste in their mouths?

  • Insurance mandates that will raise premiums by 30% (no wonder the insurance stocks skyrocketed)
  • Employers will have to pay 3x more to insure their employer (just like in California)
  • One levy would take $15 billion from sick patients with high out-of-pocket medical expenses, including elderly and low-income patients. (I wonder if that is where the $10-14 billion that Vermont will get come from??)
  • health savings account or flexible spending arrangement, there are taxes specific to those health plans, plus a third tax that would apply to all “consumer-directed” plans. (Kiss you HAS goodbye!)
  • Another levy would tax medical devices, and another would tax prescription drugs; those two taxes would increase health insurance premiums by about 1 percent, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
  • $149 billion tax on those with high health insurance premiums; yet many face high premiums simply because they have expensive medical needs, making this yet another tax on the sick.
  • $43 billion in cuts to nursing care and therapy for homebound Medicare beneficiaries
  • health care coverage will be limited to what the government bureaucrats decide
  • for low-income women will no longer screen women below age 50.
  • government’s budgetary concerns, not patient’s health, is the determining factor for quality and access to health care
  • overcharge young individuals’ rates to cost-subsidize older individuals’ rates and if you don’t pay it, there’d be a fine of about now is 2.5 percent of your income
  • trillions of dollars in hidden tax increases (Yup. HIDDEN TAXES that will hit you like a freight train from behind.) 

SO, after all Obama’s promises of hope and change, transparency in government, fiscal responsibility, and political remaking of how government operates, after one year of Obama, it is business as usual. Just like how they have been doing it. This time in grander scale of  screwing hard working Americans. 

The Most Transparent Administration Ever. 

The Most Ethical Congress Ever.

What a joke!!!


Healthcare Update 10

December 9, 2009

If Democrats Win, Seniors Lose! As reported in the New York Times, included in the Democrats’ $460 billion of Medicare cuts is $43 billion in cuts to nursing care and therapy for homebound Medicare beneficiaries. This is critical help which is needed for the health and welfare of our parents and grandparents – to be taken away by the government!

California Model, Rationing of Care! One of the principle problems with government-run health care is that the government is the customer, not you. As a result, health care coverage will be limited to what the government bureaucrats decide, not what you as the patient needs.

This Los Angeles Times article reveals just how quickly health care bureaucrats can sacrifice patient care. In cash-strapped California, public health officials announced this week that the state’s government-provided mammogram program, “Every Woman Counts” for low-income women will no longer screen women below age 50. This is what we will be facing in health care, the government will tell us what is allowed.

Officials from the California Department of Public Health claim that the incidence of breast cancer is relatively low in women less than 50. This may be true, but what if you are in that “relatively low” number? We are talking about your life! In California, the government’s budgetary concerns, not patient’s health, is the determining factor for quality and access to health care. Under ObamaCare government-run health care, budgetary priorities rather than a patient’s health determine whether you get the health care you need.

Call Your Senator, Toll-Free! Communicate your displeasure with what they are doing? In less than five minutes, you can be on the phone with your Senator’s office, communicating your opposition to government-run health care.

Just follow this Action Army link, enter your information on the right-hand part of the screen and click TAKE ACTION!

You will see a TOLL-FREE NUMBER to reach YOUR elected representatives and a PASSWORD.

Dial the number on a touch-tone phone, enter the password and you’ll be connected as quickly as you can say Free Our Health Care NOW!

Your Senators Work for You! Believe it or not, Senators get job performance reviews: they’re called elections. For this one-third of the Senators and for every member of the House of Representatives, Election Day is less than eleven short months away.

You have an important part to play in the health care debate: letting your voice be heard. Through the Free Our Health Care Now! Action Army website, communicating with your Senators is easy and convenient. Whether through an email or a phone call, please use this website as a way of letting your elected representatives know that you oppose government-run health care and plan on expressing your dissatisfaction at the polls in the upcoming election.

Senator McCain to AARP Members: It’s Time to Cut the Card. Fighting against Medicare cuts, Senator John McCain recently proposed an amendment which would protect senior citizen benefits from the drastic cuts proposed by Congressional Democrats. McCain implored his fellow senators to “preserve the solemn obligations we have made to our seniors.” However, to McCain’s surprise, the Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP) opposed the McCain Amendment and, remaining true to its strange bedfellows, supported drastic cuts for seniors.

In a scathing assault on AARP’s infidelity, Senator McCain pointed to numerous AARP statements from the past renouncing Medicare cuts, including one as recently as just a few years ago. Clearly disappointed, McCain concluded by saying, “Take your AARP card, cut it in half and send it back. They’ve betrayed you.” Click here to see video of the speech.

The NCPA maintains a wealth of educational and resource material including better alternatives to government-run health care:

John Goodman’s Health Care Plan:

Health Care Solutions:

Five Steps to a Better Health Care System:

Dr. John Goodman’s Blog – Current, up-to date information on the debate:

Heartland Institute’s Health Care Solutions:

Healthcare Update 9 – Affect on student coverage

December 1, 2009


If the health care overhaul passes, it might affect college students’ access to parental plans, employment and individual rates or an uninsured tax if colleges choose to mandate insurance coverage, says the Commonwealth Times.

According to Devon Herrick, a health economist and senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis:

  • Proposals for the bill would attempt to overcharge young individuals’ rates to cost-subsidize older individuals’ rates.
  • In the individual market, where many students get coverage, rates for people with pre-existing conditions, who tend to be older, would get lower premiums.
  • Under the existing proposals, underrides for pre-existing conditions would not be permitted while limited adjustments for age would be allowed.

“A young person — maybe 20 or 22 — would be charged half of what someone 60 years old would be charged,” Herrick said.  “Of course if you don’t pay it, there’d be a fine … What (some Congress members) are talking about now is 2.5 percent of your income.”

Some members of Congress want to have tight banding for age, no underriding for (pre-existing conditions) and have some type of individual mandate where you would be required to have coverage, says Herrick.

How the individual mandate might affect students is uncertain.  The policy could be implemented through an employer mandate, says Herrick.

“Obviously (if) you’re a full-time student it may not affect you,” says Herrick.  “But it might make it harder to get that part-time job if an employer sees the chance that they might have to pay thousands of dollars more in health coverage or a fine for someone working part time.”

Source: Erica Terrini and Jillian Quattlebaum, “Health care reform affects student coverage, provides options,” Commonwealth Times, November 20, 2009.

For text:

For more on Health Issues:

Are you dumb, America? Part 2

November 16, 2009

Stimulus bill saved or created how many jobs?


Are you really this dumb, America?


Let’s see how dumb you are, America…


The Obama administration claimed:


–         Southwest Georgia Community Action Council saved 935 jobs but only 508 actually work there.

–         Administration for Children and Families at Health and Human Services saved 14,506 jobs but the money from the stimulus were used to give 9,300 of those employees raises.

–         In Colorado the stimulus money of $2.6 billion created or saved 8,094 jobs. WOW! That is $321,226 per job. WHERE IS THE PAY CZAR ON THIS ONE?

–         Colorado Head Start program reported 269 jobs saved or created…. Actual = 3

–         In a North Chicago school district a claim of 473 teachers were saved, the problem is the district only employs 290 teachers.


This is interesting to note:

            “Chicago’s omission from the stimulus data is not without irony. The federal overseer of school stimulus spending is U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who until early this year was the CEO of the Chicago schools.”


Are you really this dumb, America, to believe in this fuzzy math?


Are you really dumb, America, to believe that giving someone a pay raise is equivalent to “job saved” while millions of Americans will just settle for a job that pays?


Are you really dumb, America, to believe that 640,000 jobs were “saved and created” with $215 billion of the stimulus money spent?


My fuzzy math tells me that is $335,937 per job. WHERE IS THE PAY CZAR ON THIS ONE, TOO?!


Are you really dumb, America, to believe that the stimulus is really saving and creating jobs when unemployment is at over 10% the highest in 26 years?


Are you dumb, America?






Health Care Reform UPDATE 6 (CBO Assessment of Republican Alternative Bill)

November 5, 2009

Health Care Reform UPDATE 6 (CBO Assessment of Republican Alternative Bill)


The Republicans in congress offered an alternative bill to reform health care in America. The CBO has made a preliminary assessment of the bill on its costs and viability.


Here is the outline of the CBO’s assessment of the Republicans’ alternative bill:

  • reduce federal deficits by $68 billion over the 2010-2019 period
  • increase rates of insurance coverage by reducing its costs (premium)
  • Limits on costs related to medical malpractice (“tort reform”)
  • An increase in funding for HHS investigations into fraud and abuses
  • Changes to health savings accounts (HSAs) to allow funds in such accounts to be used to pay premiums
  • Make health insurance portable
  • Allow Americans to buy health insurance across state lines
  • premiums per enrollee in the United States, relative to what they would be under current law-by 7 percent to 10 percent in the small group market, by 5 percent to 8 percent for individually purchased insurance, and by zero to 3 percent in the large group market.


Read full text of CBO Director’s blog:

Who is GERALD WALPIN? (corruption in the 1st degree??)

June 16, 2009

The Story

 Gerald Walpin is one of the many Inspector Generals in the US government that ensure fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption in the government are investigated and eliminated. Mr. Walpin was appointed by President Bush to be the Inspector General of the AmeriCorps. It is the same federally funded AmeriCorps that saw an increase in funding from the Obama administration.

IG Walpin completed an investigation into allegations that AmeriCorps funds were being misused by the Mayor of Sacramento, CA, Kevin Johnson, a former NBA star and a huge supporter of Obama. IG Walpin has discovered that Mayor Johnson indeed misused AmeriCorps funds for personal use. He was put on suspension and his office was prevented from receiving anymore federal money. At the same time, IG Walpin finished a report that AmeriCorps money was being extensively misused by the City University of New York, which is the biggest program in AmeriCorps.

On the night of June 10, 2009, while driving to an even in upstate NY, IG Walpin received a phone call from Norman Eisen, the Special Counsel to the President on Ethics and Government Reform. Eisen informed Walpin that he should resign or he will be terminated. According to Walpin as reported by the Examiner Eisen said this words, ‘Mr. Walpin, the president wants me to tell you that he really appreciates your service, but it’s time to move on,'” Walpin recalls. “Eisen said, ‘You can either resign, or I’ll tell you that we’ll have to terminate you.”  Walpin told Eisen that it is odd that he is being asked to resign in light his investigation of corruption in AmeriCorps and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. Eisen said it was just a coincidence. Walpin did not resign so he was fired.

The Law

 2008 Inspectors General Reform Act was passed to enhance the Office of the Inspector General and prevent the political apparatus of the government to influence the Inspector Generals. The law protected the IG from being fired without cause and Congress must be informed in 30 days in writing. Here is the excerpt from the legislation:

 Section 3 – Requires the President, the heads of designated federal entities, the Librarian of Congress, the Capitol Police Board, and the Public Printer to communicate to Congress in writing the reasons for removing or transferring an IG no later than 30 days before such removal or transfer.

It appears that the President Obama is in violation of this law.

To top that off HE CO-SPONSORED THE LAW!! And he had his counsel for ETHICS AND GOVT. REFORM TO MAKE THE CALL!!

It appears that anyone who investigates the corruption in the current administration is subject to retaliation.

Did Obama try to muscle out IG Walpin so he can circumvent the law that he co-sponsored?

Do you think it is odd that Obama counsel indicated that the decision was coming from the President himslef? Was the counsel trying to cover his own ass?

Is this the CHANGE Obama supporters voted for?


Read the reports from The Examiner here:

Read the IG Reform Act of 2008 here:

Memorial Day weekend 2009

June 4, 2009
The top of the cake!

The top of the cake!

It has been over week since Memorial Day weekend 2009. I have been busy with work and my MBA program and did not really have the time to share the great things that happened this past Memorial Day weekend. Work load has let up a bit both at work and at school. Now I can blog and post the pictures of that memorable weekend.

We were in Oklahoma City for the baby shower that my wife’s sisters are throwing for her. Actually, the whole weekend was all about celebration. Friday was a May birthdays celebration. My wife has a lot of family members that have May birthdays. Instead of celebrating a birthday every weekend, it was decided to celebrate all the May birthdays in one weekend and Memorial Weekend was ideal. Saturday, May 24, we were just planning to have a simple get together at Le’s (sister-in-law) house and Sunday was for the baby shower.

Friday was fun lots of food and drinks and birthday cakes. The boys played poker until the wee hours of the morning. The poker game started out tournament style then got really serious when it was turned into a cash game. Chips were short so lots of greens came out of pockets and bill folds.

Saturday, like I said, was just for simple family get together. But there was a surprise that we did not expect at all.

It was about 5pm when things got going. I was a bit puzzled why most of the family was wearing Hawaiian shirts and outfits. There were two rows of tiki lanterns all arranged in the backyard creating a pathway that lead to a gondola decorated with flowers. I even helped with the set up of the tiki lanterns and the gondola. I was thinking what kind of game we about to indulge that evening. The house was buzzing with excitement. Food preparation was almost finished and table being set up for the feast. I was looking forward to the poker game later.

At around 630pm, my wife and I were summoned to the study room. I have no idea what for but I thought the game has begun and we are the first victims. We were blind folded. Someone put a shirt over my shirt and did the same thing to my wife. A crown that felt like a string of flowers was on my head. My wife also had something on her head. Someone was playing the piano, same song over and over again. It was the song that is usually played at wedding, Here Comes the Bride. I thought the piano player sucked with one song repertoire.

Then I felt someone ushering us outside the study room. A female voice said something and I could tell it was Sarah. Our blindfold was taken off and a burst of loud SURPIRSE! Everyone was in front of us. Everyone was wearing as if they were all in Hawaii complete with grass skirts. I still had no clue what was happening. Then we were led into the kitchen and there was the wedding cake. That is when it hit me and realized what was this all about. It was surprised wedding reception for us complete with a wedding cake, a bouquet of roses, and candles. There was a picture of us that was taken during my wife’s MBA graduation dinner in a frame but the picture was printed in black and white. Later on, they all signed and wrote their well wishes on the matte.

My wife was in tears at this time and I was holding mine back with all my might lest get dogged by my brothers-in-law. I could see that my parents-in-law were also in tear as well as my sisters-in-law and a few of my wife’s nieces. It was really a touchy moment, totally unexpected.

Then they marched us to the gondola thru the rows of tiki lanterns that were already lit. Two of my wife’s youngest nieces were the flower girls and they were showering the ground that we would walk on with petals of red roses. Then we were parked under the gondola and the picture taking extravaganza began. Each pre determined group have to take a picture with the newly weds.

My wife and I dreamed of a Hawaiian wedding but due to her pregnancy and economic situation we cancelled. Instead, we got married in front of the Justice of Peace and ate brunch with my parents at Hilton hotel.

The whole event was truly special and very memorable. My wife and I have been trying to find a holiday to make it a traditional family celebration. I think this is it. Memorial Day weekend will be our family tradition to celebrate this surprised Hawaiian wedding and to remember the American heroes.

From the bottom of our hearts (including Leona Bella’s), thank you to everyone who were part of this memorable surpise.

The whole gang!

The whole gang!