Memorial Day weekend 2009

June 4, 2009
The top of the cake!

The top of the cake!

It has been over week since Memorial Day weekend 2009. I have been busy with work and my MBA program and did not really have the time to share the great things that happened this past Memorial Day weekend. Work load has let up a bit both at work and at school. Now I can blog and post the pictures of that memorable weekend.

We were in Oklahoma City for the baby shower that my wife’s sisters are throwing for her. Actually, the whole weekend was all about celebration. Friday was a May birthdays celebration. My wife has a lot of family members that have May birthdays. Instead of celebrating a birthday every weekend, it was decided to celebrate all the May birthdays in one weekend and Memorial Weekend was ideal. Saturday, May 24, we were just planning to have a simple get together at Le’s (sister-in-law) house and Sunday was for the baby shower.

Friday was fun lots of food and drinks and birthday cakes. The boys played poker until the wee hours of the morning. The poker game started out tournament style then got really serious when it was turned into a cash game. Chips were short so lots of greens came out of pockets and bill folds.

Saturday, like I said, was just for simple family get together. But there was a surprise that we did not expect at all.

It was about 5pm when things got going. I was a bit puzzled why most of the family was wearing Hawaiian shirts and outfits. There were two rows of tiki lanterns all arranged in the backyard creating a pathway that lead to a gondola decorated with flowers. I even helped with the set up of the tiki lanterns and the gondola. I was thinking what kind of game we about to indulge that evening. The house was buzzing with excitement. Food preparation was almost finished and table being set up for the feast. I was looking forward to the poker game later.

At around 630pm, my wife and I were summoned to the study room. I have no idea what for but I thought the game has begun and we are the first victims. We were blind folded. Someone put a shirt over my shirt and did the same thing to my wife. A crown that felt like a string of flowers was on my head. My wife also had something on her head. Someone was playing the piano, same song over and over again. It was the song that is usually played at wedding, Here Comes the Bride. I thought the piano player sucked with one song repertoire.

Then I felt someone ushering us outside the study room. A female voice said something and I could tell it was Sarah. Our blindfold was taken off and a burst of loud SURPIRSE! Everyone was in front of us. Everyone was wearing as if they were all in Hawaii complete with grass skirts. I still had no clue what was happening. Then we were led into the kitchen and there was the wedding cake. That is when it hit me and realized what was this all about. It was surprised wedding reception for us complete with a wedding cake, a bouquet of roses, and candles. There was a picture of us that was taken during my wife’s MBA graduation dinner in a frame but the picture was printed in black and white. Later on, they all signed and wrote their well wishes on the matte.

My wife was in tears at this time and I was holding mine back with all my might lest get dogged by my brothers-in-law. I could see that my parents-in-law were also in tear as well as my sisters-in-law and a few of my wife’s nieces. It was really a touchy moment, totally unexpected.

Then they marched us to the gondola thru the rows of tiki lanterns that were already lit. Two of my wife’s youngest nieces were the flower girls and they were showering the ground that we would walk on with petals of red roses. Then we were parked under the gondola and the picture taking extravaganza began. Each pre determined group have to take a picture with the newly weds.

My wife and I dreamed of a Hawaiian wedding but due to her pregnancy and economic situation we cancelled. Instead, we got married in front of the Justice of Peace and ate brunch with my parents at Hilton hotel.

The whole event was truly special and very memorable. My wife and I have been trying to find a holiday to make it a traditional family celebration. I think this is it. Memorial Day weekend will be our family tradition to celebrate this surprised Hawaiian wedding and to remember the American heroes.

From the bottom of our hearts (including Leona Bella’s), thank you to everyone who were part of this memorable surpise.

The whole gang!

The whole gang!


Game 3: Mavs routed the Spurs

April 24, 2009

GO MAVS! I was so proud the way the tea played against the in-state rivals from the South. I enjoyed every minute of the game. This game was so much better than Game 2. I think the Mavs let down a lot in game 2 after winning Game 1. This upset me. There should be no let up or let down in the playoffs. Leave everything in the court. Game 4 is Saturday. I might miss it because I have a cycling rally at the Muenster, TX Germanfest. But I will be cheering for the Mavs while I inflict pain on myself.

My Letter to the President

April 20, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

Responsibility is like a shadow. You cannot get rid of it nor can you have somebody else shoulder them for you.

I can proudly say that I have been a responsible person. I work, pay my bills, take care of my family and provide for them. 

I help my fellow human beings as much as I can and I enjoy doing it. I either donate a small amount of money or my time or both.

But there is one thing I will not do. And that is put someone else’s irresponsibility and mistakes on my shoulders.

I am not willing to pay higher taxes to support wasteful spending.

I will not pay higher taxes to bail out failed corporations.

I will not pay higher taxes to pay irresponsible people who spent or borrowed more than they can afford to pay.

I will not pay higher taxes to pay for reparations for slavery.

I did not run those companies that failed…..

I did not tell those people to spend and borrow more than they can afford….

My ancestors were not even born during the era of slavery. As a matter of fact, my ancestors were not born in ….America….….

So, Mr. President, do not blame me for the irresponsibility of others and do not force me to pay higher taxes.


I did not set any policies that harmed or killed anyone….

I did not go over to other countries and try to exploit them or colonized them….

I did not go to other countries to drop bombs in them…


So please, Mr. President, stop apologizing for me because I did not do any of those things.

To follow your example, Mr. President……


I was not even born when all those bad things happend……

I was not aware of those people making bad loans and spending more they can afford…..

I did not know that those companies were doing funky business…. 

So, Mr. President, I am not responsible just as You are not responsible for anything….. 

Hope you understand,