NATIONAL DEBT – how much do you owe?

February 16, 2010


President Obama announced his 2011 Budget which is $3.834 trillion dollars with a projected deficit of $1.267 trillion or 8.3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).   As of Feb. 7, our total national debt was $12,348,804,540,946.54 or $12.35 trillion which is larger than the economies of China, the United Kingdom and Australia combined, says Don C. Brunell, President of the Association of Washington Businesses. 

The national debt is growing with the spending spree in Washington, D.C.  According to the Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Management and Budget: 

  • Our national debt will grow an additional $9 trillion over the next decade, to more than $20 trillion.
  • During that time, the United States will accumulate $2.5 billion in new debt each and every day.
  • That’s $1.72 million per minute, for the next ten years. 

According to the Department of the Treasury: 

  • Foreign holders of our national debt are owed a combined total of about $3.3 trillion.
  • The top 10 countries and entities holding U.S. debt are: China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Oil Exporters, Caribbean Banking Centers, Brazil, Russia, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Our debt to China is approximately $776.4 billion, having grown more than $240 billion in the last year; that is more than $10,000 in debt for the average American working family — just to China.
  • The estimated population of the United States is 307,795,997 so each citizen’s share of this debt is $40,146.02. 

The National Debt has continued to increase and that is before Congress tacks on trillions for health care, cap and trade, new federal stimulus programs, and other yet to be identified spending programs, says Brunell. 

Part of the way President Obama plans to pay for his new round of spending is to eliminate the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts families making more than $250,000 per year which impacts a ton of family-owned, small businesses which are the backbone of our economy and nation, says Brunell. 

Source: Don C. Brunell, “The National Debt: Do You Know How Much You Now Owe?” Olympia Business Watch/Association of Washington Businesses, February 7, 2010. 

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Do you like Sweet and Sour Shrimp?

December 22, 2009

According to the last Rasmussen poll, 55% of Americans oppose the healthcare bill that is being considered in the Senate and 41% support it. Yet, the Democrats are chugging along ignoring the will of the American people.

The current healthcare bill in the Senate is giving most Americans a “sour” taste in their mouths. But for a few number of Americans this healthcare bill is satisfying their sweet-tooth craving at the expense of the majority of Americans. The “sour” taste is coming from the increase taxes, lower healthcare quality, pay now get later scheme, long-term price tag, and the payoffs/bribes to get the votes of certain Democratic Senators.

Who are those few Americans who got a “sweet” deal out of this?

  • Sen. Ben Nelson – D and Nebraska, population 1.78 million, will get $100 million plus an exemption from paying for Medicaid cost forever and ever, amen.
  • Sen. Mary Landrieu – D and Louisiana, population 4.41 million, will get $300 million to offset the Medicaid cost
  • Massachusetts, population 6.5million, $1.5 billion in Medicaid money
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders – D and Vermont, population 0.62 million, will get $10 to $14 billion
  • Sen. Chris Dodd – D and Connecticut, population 3.5 million, will get $100 million
  • Big Pharma got a deal from Obama      
    • White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.

 Holy cow! The second least populated state will get BILLIONS!!! That’s $16,129 to $22, 580 per Vermont resident. I am sure the millions of Americans who are unemployed would love to get that kind of money invested in creating jobs instead of paying off politicians for their votes. 

All in all 24 million Americans in those states mentioned above will get the “sweet” taste in their mouths while the remaining 280 million will get the “sour” part. 

What are the parts of this healthcare bill that gives the 280 million Americans a “sour” taste in their mouths?

  • Insurance mandates that will raise premiums by 30% (no wonder the insurance stocks skyrocketed)
  • Employers will have to pay 3x more to insure their employer (just like in California)
  • One levy would take $15 billion from sick patients with high out-of-pocket medical expenses, including elderly and low-income patients. (I wonder if that is where the $10-14 billion that Vermont will get come from??)
  • health savings account or flexible spending arrangement, there are taxes specific to those health plans, plus a third tax that would apply to all “consumer-directed” plans. (Kiss you HAS goodbye!)
  • Another levy would tax medical devices, and another would tax prescription drugs; those two taxes would increase health insurance premiums by about 1 percent, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
  • $149 billion tax on those with high health insurance premiums; yet many face high premiums simply because they have expensive medical needs, making this yet another tax on the sick.
  • $43 billion in cuts to nursing care and therapy for homebound Medicare beneficiaries
  • health care coverage will be limited to what the government bureaucrats decide
  • for low-income women will no longer screen women below age 50.
  • government’s budgetary concerns, not patient’s health, is the determining factor for quality and access to health care
  • overcharge young individuals’ rates to cost-subsidize older individuals’ rates and if you don’t pay it, there’d be a fine of about now is 2.5 percent of your income
  • trillions of dollars in hidden tax increases (Yup. HIDDEN TAXES that will hit you like a freight train from behind.) 

SO, after all Obama’s promises of hope and change, transparency in government, fiscal responsibility, and political remaking of how government operates, after one year of Obama, it is business as usual. Just like how they have been doing it. This time in grander scale of  screwing hard working Americans. 

The Most Transparent Administration Ever. 

The Most Ethical Congress Ever.

What a joke!!!

Healthcare Update 10

December 9, 2009

If Democrats Win, Seniors Lose! As reported in the New York Times, included in the Democrats’ $460 billion of Medicare cuts is $43 billion in cuts to nursing care and therapy for homebound Medicare beneficiaries. This is critical help which is needed for the health and welfare of our parents and grandparents – to be taken away by the government!

California Model, Rationing of Care! One of the principle problems with government-run health care is that the government is the customer, not you. As a result, health care coverage will be limited to what the government bureaucrats decide, not what you as the patient needs.

This Los Angeles Times article reveals just how quickly health care bureaucrats can sacrifice patient care. In cash-strapped California, public health officials announced this week that the state’s government-provided mammogram program, “Every Woman Counts” for low-income women will no longer screen women below age 50. This is what we will be facing in health care, the government will tell us what is allowed.

Officials from the California Department of Public Health claim that the incidence of breast cancer is relatively low in women less than 50. This may be true, but what if you are in that “relatively low” number? We are talking about your life! In California, the government’s budgetary concerns, not patient’s health, is the determining factor for quality and access to health care. Under ObamaCare government-run health care, budgetary priorities rather than a patient’s health determine whether you get the health care you need.

Call Your Senator, Toll-Free! Communicate your displeasure with what they are doing? In less than five minutes, you can be on the phone with your Senator’s office, communicating your opposition to government-run health care.

Just follow this Action Army link, enter your information on the right-hand part of the screen and click TAKE ACTION!

You will see a TOLL-FREE NUMBER to reach YOUR elected representatives and a PASSWORD.

Dial the number on a touch-tone phone, enter the password and you’ll be connected as quickly as you can say Free Our Health Care NOW!

Your Senators Work for You! Believe it or not, Senators get job performance reviews: they’re called elections. For this one-third of the Senators and for every member of the House of Representatives, Election Day is less than eleven short months away.

You have an important part to play in the health care debate: letting your voice be heard. Through the Free Our Health Care Now! Action Army website, communicating with your Senators is easy and convenient. Whether through an email or a phone call, please use this website as a way of letting your elected representatives know that you oppose government-run health care and plan on expressing your dissatisfaction at the polls in the upcoming election.

Senator McCain to AARP Members: It’s Time to Cut the Card. Fighting against Medicare cuts, Senator John McCain recently proposed an amendment which would protect senior citizen benefits from the drastic cuts proposed by Congressional Democrats. McCain implored his fellow senators to “preserve the solemn obligations we have made to our seniors.” However, to McCain’s surprise, the Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP) opposed the McCain Amendment and, remaining true to its strange bedfellows, supported drastic cuts for seniors.

In a scathing assault on AARP’s infidelity, Senator McCain pointed to numerous AARP statements from the past renouncing Medicare cuts, including one as recently as just a few years ago. Clearly disappointed, McCain concluded by saying, “Take your AARP card, cut it in half and send it back. They’ve betrayed you.” Click here to see video of the speech.

The NCPA maintains a wealth of educational and resource material including better alternatives to government-run health care:

John Goodman’s Health Care Plan:

Health Care Solutions:

Five Steps to a Better Health Care System:

Dr. John Goodman’s Blog – Current, up-to date information on the debate:

Heartland Institute’s Health Care Solutions:

Healthcare Update 7

November 11, 2009

Want to hear a little good news? Thanks to the efforts of Policy Patriots just like you, we’ve sent more than 210,000 letters to Congress in the last three weeks against government run health care. In this public policy war of attrition, a sustained campaign – in the form of hundreds of thousands of letters and a petition supported by 1.34 million Americans – is what will ultimately win the fight against government-run health care. Thanks for your continued support and let’s keep up the fight!

Poll Deaf. If you feel ignored by the House of Representatives, you’re not alone. A Rasmussen Reports poll this week reaffirmed that more Americans oppose (52%) health care legislation than favor (45%) it. Nevertheless, as last Saturday’s legislative spectacle attests, Speaker Pelosi is still singing the health care tune.

Go Directly to Jail. As you know, in the 1,990-page bill that squeaked (220-215) out of the House on Saturday there’s plenty of bad policy to fill this letter (and several more). What you may not know is that failing to comply with the new requirements in this legislation could land you in jail – for up to five years!

The most appalling effect of the Affordable Health Care for America Act is the extent of control which the federal government would exercise over individual health care decisions. The legislation requires you to purchase health insurance, whether you need it or want it, and dictates the parameters of your policy. What’s more, failure to purchase insurance would result in a slew of fines and, as this letter from the Joint Committee on Taxation makes clear, failure to pay the fines would result in criminal penalties including “a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.”

AARP: Abandoning Seniors, Advancing AARP. In apparent disregard for the interests of senior citizens, the AARP supported the House health care bill, including the following provisions:

  • $500 billion in overall budget cuts for Medicare.
  • $170 billion in budget cuts for Medicare Advantage-the program’s entire budget-leaving 12 million American seniors with fewer health care options.
  • A 20% cut in doctor’s pay, forcing doctors to take on more patients and spend less time with each person in their care.

Why would the AARP endorse legislation which so clearly hurts the interests of senior citizens? You decide! For facts on how you will be affected by this legislation, click on this link to get the facts.

FIGHT BACK! The next stop on the runaway train known as ObamaCare is the floor of the United States Senate. Help us derail Ms. Pelosi’s health care legislation by writing your Senators. The American people deserve better than what’s coming down the tracks and you can help put a stop to it. Click on the link below and send a letter to Congress telling them to JUST SAY NO to health care legislation.

Already sent a letter? No problem – a new letter is on the website, ready for your signature!

The NCPA maintains a wealth of educational and resource material including better alternatives to government-run health care:

John Goodman’s Health Care Plan:

Health Care Solutions:

Five Steps to a Better Health Care System:

Dr. John Goodman’s Blog – Current, up-to date information on the debate:

Heartland Institute’s Health Care Solutions:

Thank you again for your support of the “Free Our Health Care NOW!” and for fighting against government-run health care. This is a fight worth fighting and a fight we can win!

Healthcare Uptade 4

October 30, 2009

Thank you for joining 1.34 million of Americans in your support of the Free Our Health Care NOW! petition which is against government run health care.

Arrogance of Congress. Never before have we seen the “arrogance of Congress” as we are seeing it now. The legislators are ignoring the wishes of the American people who, according to an October Rasmussen poll, 49% say, “doing nothing” is better than passing any of the bills. The health care debate is about a battle for one sixth of the economy and Congress is not responding to their constituents concerns.

Current State of Affairs. In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has announced his intention to include a government-run public insurance plan in the health reform bill.

This announcement alienated Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME), who as you might remember voted with Democrats to pass the Baucus legislation out of the Finance Committee, but has clearly indicated that she will oppose the bill if it includes a public option. Instead, she says she now plans to support a Republican-led filibuster against the bill. With Sen. Snowe’s defection, and the unlikelihood that any other Senate Republicans can be persuaded to support the public option, Sen. Reid will need every Democratic vote to overcome a filibuster. Literally, there is no margin of error for Sen. Reid. He must get all 60 Democrats to support his effort to include a government-run public option and overcome a Republican filibuster.

Already, several Democratic senators are feeling the pressure. Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), who is an “independent” Democrat, has already expressed doubts about the public option. Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and others are also weighing heavily whether to filibuster the public option. If just one of the Senate Democrats decides to support the filibuster, Senator Reid will have no choice but to remove the public option or see the entire health reform bill fail.

Let your voice be heard, it matters more than ever now! The Free Our Health Care NOW! Action Army needs you to let your legislators know how you feel about their arrogance! Action Army Americans have already sent more than 150,000 letters to Congress expressing their concerns. Don’t miss this opportunity to be heard!

Seniors Beware! The nation’s preeminent seniors group, AARP, has put the weight of its 40 million members behind health care reform, saying many of the proposals will lower costs and increase the quality of care for older Americans. But not advertised in this lobbying campaign have been the group’s substantial earnings from insurance royalties and the potential benefits that could come its way from many of the reform proposals, says the Washington Post.

There is also a wealth of other educational and resource material available, including better alternatives to government-run health care:

Health Care Solutions:

Five Steps to a Better Health Care System.

Dr. John Goodman’s Blog – Current, up-to date information on the debate:

Heartland Institute’s Health Care Solutions:

The Democratic CON-trolled CON-gress (Public Option Opt-out)

October 27, 2009

The Democratic CON-trolled CON-gress (Public Option Opt-out) 

The American people voted in all the government officials with the notion that these officials will be forthright and stand-up individuals. But when the very people we entrusted to look out for our own welfare and the riches of our country are trying to CON us, it is beyond contemp. 

The latest version of the healthcare bill, which passed thru the finance committee without a public option, is now have a public option with an opt-out provision.

What does that mean? 

It means that each state can decide, thru the state legislature, to not partake in the public option federal insurance plan. 

Good or bad? 

Good, if you have no clue of the underlying consequences. BAD, IF YOU ARE because you will realize it is one big CON. 

Why is this new Opt-out public option a CON? 

Reason # 1 

Each state have a choice not to participate. Sounds good. BUT, each state has no option to pay or not to pay. A state that chooses to opt out will be required to pay for the cost of the public option the same as a state that are having the public option. So, the residents of states that opted out will be paying for something but getting nothing. The private insurance premiums will be more expensive because the pool of privately insured will be less. 

SO THOSE AMERICANS IN OPT OUT STATE WILL PAY DOUBLE FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE, thru higher taxes and higher private insurance premiums. 

Reason # 2 

The public option is a fake. It is not a real insurance just like private insurance. How? There will be no risk-pool so cost can be controlled. The federal entity running this public option do not have to balance its books. It will not worry about selling insurance at a loss because AMERICAN TAX MONEY WILL FINANCE THIS MONSTROSITY. And to the Democratic CONtrolled CONgress, the American people are their money cows! 

What will happen then? 

Well, all private health insurers will be undercut and ultimately be driven out of healthcare insurance business. 

And who will be left standing? 

Of course, the public option. When that happens, all Americans will be forced to sign up for the public option. Suddenly, we have a single payer system. And my friend, that is what the ultimate goal of the Democrats and Obama. 

Another scenario is that a liberal in an opt out state will sue because he is paying for nothing and not getting equal treatments as the residents of public option state. A liberal judge will decide that it is unfair and will decree that the opt out state must opt in. 

CONgress! CONgress! CONgress! CONgress! CONgress!


The $60 billion dollar fraud

October 26, 2009

We are getting rob to the tune of $60 billion a year courtesy of fraud in government-run Medicare. Currently, there are only 46 million Americans in the Medicare program. Obama and the Democrats are hell bent in having the government run the healthcare system of all Americans. In short, Obama and the Democrats want all Americans under the Medicare-like program. Keep in mind that Medicare is $36 trillion in the red. If government-run Medicare cannot control the fraud nor fiscally manage it with only 46 million American in the program, do you expect it to be better with additional 180 million Americans in it?

The questions that is begging to be asked are:

  • What is Obama doing to stop the fraud, waste, and abuse in the government-run medicare?
  • Why is Obama waiting for a separate legislation to stop the fraud, waste, and abuse?
  • Isn’t he responsible, as President, to execute the current laws? (I am sure there are laws established against fraud, waste, and abuse in government.)

Is it smart to upgrade a house, put new and expensive furnitures and fixtures before fixing the leaking roof?